Sunday, 23 May 2010

Zoe's love of Gir

Okay we all know who Gir is right? (The robot from invader Zim) Well I kinda have a Gir addiction. Right now I am trying to order Gir merchandise, being in Englad this is hard and makes me want to break something because the only place I can find Gir stuff is the Hot Topic site and the UK/Europe site only has like five gir things. The american one has like fifty (including a shirt with Gir holding a pig saying "Tell me a story about giant pigs" which I want very much and some chunky Gir bracelets) and does not ship outside the US. I have however ordered a Gir head bag clip and hope that some day it will be easy to find Gir things. Doom, doom, doomy doom...

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